When can I cancel an Fiverr order?

Cancellations performed by Customer Support can be done, when eligible, within a time period of 13 days after an order is marked as Complete. 13 days is the period of time revenue is placed on hold prior to clearing to the seller on the 14th day. Once available, funds from the order may be withdrawn by the seller.

Contacting Customer Support weeks to months after an order is marked as Complete will not result in an order cancellation, especially if those funds have been successfully withdrawn by the seller. Buyers are expected to raise their concerns in a timely matter or report any suspicious behaviors shown by sellers (such as marking the order as delivered without receiving the final service).


Sellers contacting Customer Support to cancel an order must have funds available to them to consider the cancellation of an order. If there are any issues with your buyer or seller after the designated time period mentioned above, Fiverr will review both parties for any violations to our Terms of Service to consider canceling the order.

Sellers can offer a Mutual Cancellation after an order is marked as complete up to 13 days after that time period (during the revenue funds clearance time). After those funds have cleared successfully, the Seller is entitled to withdraw those funds and will not be able to cancel the order mutually after the funds are made available to them. This is to give the Buyer and Seller enough time to insure the Buyer’s satisfaction for the order.

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