What is the mobile address option in fubar.com profile?

Having a mobile address allows you to send photos from your mobile phone directly to your profile, without a normal computer/internet browser.

The photos will immediately appear on your profile, and your friends will receive an alert that you have updated your photos.
Once you have configured a mobile address, simply send the photo to mobile@fubar.com from your phone! The photo will be available on your profile immediately! If you are having trouble configuring your phone, some phones and phone services are NOT compatible with our system.
If you have pics on your mobile that are NSFW (more details on Not Safe For Work content), you can now send them to mobile-nsfw@fubar.com — which will flag them as nsfw automagically and keep you out of trouble.
In the near future, you will also be able to configure certain alerts to arrive on your mobile phone.


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