What are valid reasons to cancel my Fiverr order?

In most cases, Customer Support will advise buyers to further communicate with their sellers with specific comments and pointers on how the seller can help the buyer resolve their issues. However, there are clear indications where canceling the order is required. Indications that an order may be cancelled by Customer Support may include the following (but not limited to):

Active Orders (after the buyer submits their requirements and before the seller delivers on Fiverr)

  • A seller is late and unresponsive.
  • A buyer or seller is abusive towards the other party through threats of low ratings or leveraging order materials (such as logins, personal information) against each other.
  • A buyer or seller uses copyright/trademark infringing materials.
  • A buyer or seller is no longer an active Fiverr user due to Terms of Service violations.

Delivered Orders (after the seller clicks Deliver Now and before the order is marked as complete)

  • A seller delivers none of the requested files (that meet the buyer’s requirements) or proof of a completed service.
  • A seller delivers nothing at all (just a message with no attachment).
  • A seller is withholding the final delivery of services for improved ratings.
  • A buyer who abuses the Request Revisions button for personal taste.
  • A buyer who threatens to leave a low review to gain more services.


Completed Orders (after the order is marked as complete and before the 13 day limitation)

  • A buyer or seller used copyright/trademark infringing materials after verification.
  • A buyer who did not purchase commercial use rights (must be clearly labeled before the purchase and can not be retroactively included).
  • A seller who did not deliver the requested files or services, and the buyer did not request revisions in time due to a lack of communication from the seller.

Revisions Requested (a buyer who requests revisions from the seller)

  • A buyer requested revisions and the seller did not respond.

Each case is reviewed carefully by our Customer Support team to assess the most appropriate action. Additionally, we can cancel orders that were made by mistake but will always check if the order is tied to an ongoing service to protect our sellers.

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