hylaplay Customer Service Phone Number and Address

hylaplay Customer Service Address and Phone Got a question or comment? Please feel free to get in touch via email or phone – our Customer Service team is waiting to help.

hylaplay is a Games on Demand service. Currently we offer a monthly subscription packages of games. Subscribers can access and play over 1600 games and play as much as they want..

Primary No: 44-28-7114-0081
Secondary No: 1-646-328-5024
Email  : support@hylaplay.com
Web   : www.hylaplay.com

Address:US Office:1013 Centre RoadSuite 403-A Wilmington DE 19805 USA

Content Roots LTD No. 2 Wellington Place Leeds UK LS1 4AP United Kingdom

hylaplay, Customer Service ,Phone Number ,Address


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  1. Hi
    I notice that you are taking funds out of my A/C on a monthly basis for the last 3months.I have never used your site and want a complete refund. I will be talking to my bank about this if this does not happen
    Anne Carpenter

  2. To whom it may concern,

    My name is Peter Scott on the following dates: 12 June 2018, 12 May 2018 money was taken out of my account without my direct authorization and this needs to stop effective immediately, with the money taken out refunded to my account. My bank has been informed and they will take action if the money isn’t returned.

    Please contact me on peter.painter.61@gmail.com.

  3. buongiorno .. mi dovete restituire soldi che avrtte presso dal mio conto corrente altrimenti vi denuncio . soma 49, 50. alla data di 33/07/2018.

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