How to switch Pocket feedly accounts or logout

The oAuth process between your feedly account happens in the background, so you won’t find a “logout form pocket” button in your feedly.

If you want to logout from your Pocket account and/or connect your feedly to a different Pocket account, here is the procedure:

1) From your web browser, head over to and de-authorize feedly as a third party app, this will force the logout in feedly.
2) Log out from this Pocket account and log back in with the account you want to conect to your feedly.
2) Go back to your feedly and try to save an article to your pocket – this will prompt the oAuth process between your feedly account and your pocket account.
Note: At that point, make sure that you’re connected with the right account in your Pocket (via
the oAuth process between Pocket and feedly should take place seamlessly so you can start saving to your Pocket account.

Ahmet Erdem

Ahmet Erdem

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