How to RSVP block a member

Use this feature if you need to block a RSVP member from viewing your profile or contacting you.

How it works

The blocked feature is a two way blocking feature.  When you block a member from being able to view your profile, you and the member you have blocked will no longer be able to view each others profile, appear in searches or contact each other.

Your profiles will also not appear in any Matches or ‘Have you considered’ that each of you receive. 

How to block a member

In the ‘more options’ drop-down of a members profile, hit the ‘Block member’ link.

If you’ve exchanged private email addresses

If you’ve blocked a contact as above and the person already has your private email address, add them to the blocked senders list on your private email (most email applications include this feature).

We suggest you also have a dedicated web-based email account just for your RSVP activity, something that can’t be linked back to you in any

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