How To Delete Your Animal Jam Account

How To Delete Your Animal Jam Account

Memberships cannot be transferred from one player account to another. If a membership was purchased for the wrong account, you will need to contact to cancel the existing membership and sign up for club membership on the correct player account.

How do I delete an Animal Jam player account?

Player accounts can be disabled at any time from the Parent Dashboard. When a player account is disabled, it is prevented from being logged into and having access to Animal Jam.

Please note that that once a player account is deleted, all information tied to the account will be gone forever, including in-game animals, Gems, Diamonds, dens, pets, and items. The player account deletion process is permanent and cannot be reversed once it is completed.


If you are certain you would like to delete an Animal Jam player account, send an email to with the following information:

  • Animal Jam player account username
  • Parent email address
  • If you have purchased an Animal Jam membership for the account(s) you wish to deleted, please include the Animal Jam Transaction ID or confirmation number that accompanied the membership purchase to verify account ownership. In certain circumstances, additional information may be required to complete this request.

If you do not know the above information, please contact us to find other ways to verify account ownership.

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