How to delete snapchat account?:

1. Snapchat account deletion requires the user to access the app’s website. It isn’t immediately obvious where you need to go after this, so the best thing to do is click on the direct link here:

2. Once you’ve reached the account deletion page, you’ll need to enter your Snapchat username and password and click the “Continue” button.

3. If you’re 100% certain, all you need to do now is click the “Delete My Account” button. This will close your Snapchat account permanently and irrevocably.


4. On your phone, delete the Snapchat app itself. If you want to keep using Snapchat with a new account, when you now open the app it should take you to the login screen. Press the “Not A Member” button and this will allow you to register again.

Congratulations! You’ve figured out how to delete Snapchat account.

As you might expect, no photographs are stored permanently on the Snapchat database, so once your account is deleted there will be no trace of you left on their systems. But make sure that you are certain about deleting your account before you go ahead. A deleted Snapchat account cannot be reactivated under any circumstances, so once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Ideally, following this process should result in all of the Snapchat related data being deleted permanently from your phone. Your old account is now history and nobody can recover it. Also, nobody will be able to find you by searching other users on Snapchat.

But the makers of Snapchat themselves admit that there is no way to be 100% certain that your data is wiped beyond all recovery. If you’re extra paranoid about someone finding all of your old embarrassing selfies, the best thing to do is completely format your phones memory. Obviously, that’s a pretty extreme solution so it should be only used if you’re really worried about something. Most normal users will never need to do anything more than delete their Snapchat accounts.

Ahmet Erdem

Ahmet Erdem

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