How to delete Skype account? (with pictures)

close your account permanently? The steps below will make it really easy for you to make your profile disappear.

Delete Skype account in 5 steps
Important: You simply can’t remove a Skype profile completely, it’s impossible. But if an account stays inactive, Skype will close it automatically after a long period. But what you can do (and what we’ll explain here) in meanwhile is remove all of your personal info and picture in Skype. That way, no one can still recognize or identify your profile:

1) Log in

Go to and sign in to your account.


2) Edit profile

In “Settings and preferences” you go to “Edit Profile”


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3) Edit info

On the profile page, you choose “Edit”.


4) Change everything

Change your profile picture, name, first name, postal code,… (e.g. to fictitious data like James Bond, living in London, etc.)


5) You are anonymous now

Save the changes. Others can no longer identify you. After several months of inactivity, Skype will automatically terminate your account.


Ahmet Erdem

Ahmet Erdem

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