How to delete PayPal account?

Just follow the steps below and remove your account in less than a minute:

How to delete a PayPal account (4 steps)
1) My account > profile

Log in to your account. Select in the main menu Profile (it’s in the submenu of My account)


2) Account Settings

Select Account Settings in the left menu.

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3) Close account

In the first line, you will find at the right side a blue link “Close account”. That’s the one we were looking for.


4) Reason for removal

Indicate a reason why you want to remove and close the account. (eg. no longer use it, technical issues, bank account verification problems,…) and choose Continue.

Afterwards PayPal will ask you if you are sure. Here you indicate that you are sure that you wish to remove your profile.


Ahmet Erdem

Ahmet Erdem

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