How to cancel GoPhone service

GoPhone service cancels 60 days after your balance expiration date provided that no refills are made. To ensure cancellation, remove Auto Refill.

Remove Auto Refill
Log in to your account to remove Auto Refill if it’s enabled. For instructions, review the steps within Managing GoPhone Auto Refill.

Cancel subscriptions
Subscriptions to third party services won’t automatically be cancelled – you’ll need to cancel them separately. See Manage GoPhone mobile purchase and subscriptions.

Check out other GoPhone plans.
We’re sure to have a plan that’ll fit your needs. Or, you may be interested in trying ourpostpay service, where:

  • You’ll be able to keep your existing number.
  • Any remaining GoPhone balance will be posted as a credit to your new account.
  • You can get a new smartphone with our AT&T Next® or AT&T Next Every YearSMinstallment agreement options.
Ahmet Erdem

Ahmet Erdem

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