How do I unsubscribe from breitbart emails?

If, at any time, you prefer not to receive email marketing information or newsletters from us, simply follow the unsubscribe options at the bottom of each email.

Users may opt-out of our disclosure of personal information to third parties for direct marketing purposes by submitting a request to We are not responsible for requests not received. It is important to note that this opt-out does not prohibit disclosures made for non-marketing purposes, nor does it apply to any third party’s use of your information to the extent that we have shared such information with them prior to receiving your opt-out request. If you would like information on how to opt-out of interest-based advertising, please visit

Ahmet Erdem

Ahmet Erdem

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  1. I’ve been trying to get both Brierbart and Discus off my computer for eweeks now with no success. Emnails go unresponded to, or the links they send don’t work to get me back into my account so I can’t log into either account to delete them. I haven’t been kicked out of either or anything sinister…I just want the hateful crap that pops up every time I open my browser or me email system to stop.

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