How do I return Screwfix faulty items?

If you purchased the item less than 30 days ago you can return it under the 30 money back guarantee. Please make sure that you return all component parts and any promotional items received. You should include your invoice and a completed returns form. Please make sure that all petrol products are drained of fuel and oil before returning. If the item has already been installed, call us on 0500 41 41 41 for further advice.

If you purchased the item more than 30 days ago our aim is to get any problem put right as quickly as possible. In most instances we will either offer a repair or where this is not possible we will replace the item with the same or equivalent model.

Firstly check if the manufacturer offers a helpline, repair or warranty service. Using this service may be the fastest way to get the problem fixed.

If there is no warranty or repair service or you wish to return the faulty item, either drop it off at your nearest store or call 0500 41 41 41 to arrange a FREE carrier pick up.

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