How do I delete my WeChat Android account?

Try steps below to delete your account:
After logging in to WeChat, you can request account deletion in 「Me」 -> 「Settings」 -> 「My Account」 -> 「Delete Account」.
Follow the requirements below to delete your account:
1. Your registration region is outside China
2. You are using WeChat version 6.3.10 or greater
3. You’re deleting your account on a frequently used device
4. You’ve already set a WeChat password
5. You haven’t reset your WeChat password within 7 days
6.You have fewer than 3 failed password attempts on the same day when you request account deletion
7.You’ve cancelled WeChat Pay if it was previously activated
WeChat-3Accept the below content before requesting account deletion:
Deleting account is an irrecoverable operation. Before deletion, make sure you’ve backed up your data and all account related information. Once a WeChat account is deleted, all functions and information associated with such account cannot be restored, retrieved or recovered, including but not limited to:
1. You’re unable to log in to WeChat and contact your friends via WeChat from the deleted account;
2. Any Tencent or third-party services linked with your WeChat account will on longer be available and therefore usage of such related services is terminated, which includes game items, credits, qualification, group buying, discount coupons, gift cards, tickets and other coupons;
3. All followings of WeChat Official Accounts will be canceled and all related features or services (including WeChat coupons that are already claimed) will be terminated;
4. Your WeChat profile information (which includes alias, profile photo, QR Code name card, message history, contents posted on Moments, and Favorites) will be deleted; the account is permanently frozen and cannot be registered again once deleted.
Ahmet Erdem

Ahmet Erdem

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