How do I delete my StumbleUpon account?

By deleting your account you will permanently remove your profile and personal information from StumbleUpon. Only the email holder for an account may delete their StumbleUpon account;StumbleUpon staff can not delete your account on your behalf.

Please be aware of the following when deleting your account:

– Your account will be deleted 14 days after your request.
– You may reactivate your account any time during these 14 days.
– By deleting your account your “old” username can not be reused with a new account.
– You do not need to delete your account to change your username or email – you can do this in your Settings page.
– To use the email address from an account you are deleting on another account, please change the email before you delete your account so it will be available for use.
– We do not control what content is indexed by major search engines.

To delete your StumbleUpon account:

Login to your StumbleUpon account (you must be logged in so we can verify ownership; if you do not know your password please reset it). You can then delete your account from this page.Again, you will have to enter your password to verify that you would like the account deleted.

Ahmet Erdem

Ahmet Erdem

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