How to Remove Information,How do I delete my Radaris profile?

The Radaris people search engine constantly monitors and retrieves publicly available information from across the internet. This information can only be removed from public records at the original source.

However, the Radaris site does give you the ability to remove collected information from its pages. You can either delete specific records – to make a profile more accurate – or remove an entire profile page from view.

To remove information from Radaris, please follow these instructions or watch our video demonstrations:

  • Search for a name.
  • On the search results page, select the name that is most appropriate.
  • On the profile page, click the down-arrow to the right of the name and select “Control Information”.
  • From the information control page, choose “Remove information”.
  • Here you can choose to remove all information, or to delete specific records.

profile_page_screen search_result_page_screen

To Remove All Information:

Confirm your real name matches your account and profile name.
Enter your cellular phone to receive a verification code.
Once the code has been entered, the profile will be private.
To Delete Specific Records:

Enter your name, email, a reason for the deletion request, and the captcha code.
Submit the request to receive an email with your confirmation link.
You must click the link in this email to complete the request.
Once you click, the request will be completed with 48 hours.
You will be notified by email again when the records have been deleted.

Having trouble? Watch our information control videos on YouTube or email the Radaris customer service team for more help.
Video: “How to Remove a Profile”

Video: “How to Delete Specific Records”

Ahmet Erdem

Ahmet Erdem

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