How do I delete my account?

Membership is billed on a reoccurring basis until you decide to cancel your membership.

Subscription member services are provided to you as and from when your registration and fee is processed. This means that you will not be entitled to cancel your membership within the “cooling off” period that may be provided for certain purchases under the Consumer Protection legislation.

If you wish at any stage to cancel your subscription membership you must give us at least two working days notice in writing to WebDev Ltd, 47 O’Connell Street, Limerick, Ireland or to In this event we will not be able to provide you a refund for any unused amounts of membership fees paid.

We reserve the right to cancel your subscription membership, with or without reason, with immediate effect for breach of agreement. In this event, we will credit you for the appropriate service amount not used but already paid for. An administration charge will be required to process any refund. We are not obliged to enter into correspondence as to why your membership has been cancelled.

You agree that WebDev Ltd may, from time to time, offer promotional rates to new or existing users of the websites or partner’s sites. You also agree that WebDev Ltd may charge additional payment for other services provided on the site, including but not limited to SMS. You will be made aware of these charges when you click on the relevant Service.

Once you become a member of WebDev Ltd, we reserve the right to send you future site reminders or promotional offers (which may be from third parties) by email. This will apply even if you have deactivated your account but will not apply if you send a reply to the initial email received with the word ‘Remove’ in the subject line.

irlandAll transactions related to are a Card Not Present transaction thus it is not possible to provide a customer with a copy of a terminal receipt.

All special offers, such as €1 offers, 50% and 70% off and other special offers (such as: 7 days membership, 10 days membership and all other membership plans offered at discounted prices), are re-billed at the regular prices. To cancel your subscription renewal, you must send an email to requesting the cancellation at least 2 working days before your subscription is due. Deactivation of the account is not a sufficient reason for cancellation your Premium membership subscription.


Ahmet Erdem

Ahmet Erdem

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