How do I delete my GameFAQs account?

Depending on how “deleted” you want your account to be, there are several different ways to remove your contributions to the site, delete any personally identifiable information, and render your account unusable, depending on exactly what you want to accomplish.

  • To remove your contributions from GameFAQs, you can simply visit the Contributor Central and go to “Request Contribution Removal”. Note that you can only remove your copyrighted content. Things that you cannot copyright (cheats, images, data) cannot be removed. If you do not want your name or alias associated with these other contributions, you can fill out a contributor feedback form and ask that your contributions be anonymized.
  • To remove your personally identifiable information from GameFAQs, you can modify your personal profile and change any identifiable information there. You still must leave something in the fields, but it does not have to be genuine. You might also want to remove anything you’ve publicly listed in your Message Board profile or contact information, as well as any information you’ve posted on your contributor page.
  • To remove your message board posts, you can simply visit each of your posts and delete them. If you have an archived post which contains personal information that you are no longer able to delete, you may fill out this feedbackform.
  • To close your message board account, simply fill out this feedback form.
  • To completely delete your account, once your message board account has been closed for 30 days, you may request that your account be deleted with this feedback form.
Ahmet Erdem

Ahmet Erdem

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