How do I delete my gaiaonline account?

If you would like to remove information from the account, you can log in and do so at any point by going to My Gaia, then to Account Settings. There you can change the email address on the account and update the password. You can even change the username on the account, if you want.
If you simply want the account to be closed, we can do that for you – just contact us and confirm that you have removed any information you no longer want on file, and are ready for your account to be closed.

If you have mobile alerts activated on your account, you can stop them by going to My Gaia —> Account Settings —> Alerts, and and you can deselect Mobile Alerts (bottom left) OR you can reply “STOP” to any mobile alerts you receive, which will also deactivate alerts for you. If you have email alerts activated on your account, you can stop them by going to My Gaia —> Account Settings —> Notifications and check the box titled Global Opt-Out.

450px-Gaia_Online_logoHowever, if you think that you may want to use the account in the future, we recommend changing the password to something complicated so that no one else can guess it, and to simply stop using the site for awhile. That way if you decide to come back, you can simply use the “Forgot your login” link next to any sign-in box to create a new password and start using the account again.

If you merely want to create a new avatar for this account, you can delete your existing character and recreate it, as well as change your gender and username, all from your Account Settings.

Mustafa Yıldıran

Mustafa Yıldıran

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