How do I delete my Adventure Quest Worlds account?

Artix Entertainment, LLC.Deleting a Free Accoun

Usually there is no need to delete an account, but we understand that sometimes a player wants to. However, once an account is deleted, it is gone forever! Here is what you need to do to delete a free account:

  • Go to the AQWorlds Account Manager or click on Options and then Account Management In-Game
  • Login to Account Management
  • Click on Delete Account
  • You will see a message that states: “Deleting the account will completely delete all your information from our system and it cannot be recovered. Please click the delete button to continue.”
  • Click on the delete button to delete your account.

If someone created an account with your email address without your permission, please delete the account this way or you can email us for help.

If you want a free account to be deleted for you to use that account name again, there may be an indefinite delay as the account flagged for deletion hasn’t been deleted via our system sweep yet. We suggest choosing a name you want to keep when you create your account. Please visit our Can I Change my AQWorlds username? Help Page for more information.


Free accounts that are a low level and inactive for a very long time may be deleted or the name may be purged so another player can use the name. To prevent this, we suggest logging into the account regularily, confirming your email, or you can purchase an upgrade to make sure you keep your account and account name.

Ahmet Erdem

Ahmet Erdem

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