How do I delete account?

Cancellation Service:Cancel your account immediately with our Express Online Cancellation service. Paying a small fee of just $0.99 ($1.00 during trial) will push your cancellation request to the top of the queue so it is effective immediately. You will receive an email confirming the details of your cancellation shortly after.



The repeated GameSpotter Ltd Monthly Bundle payment is applicable for the bundle period, beginning on the first day that you have paid your account. The account will remain opened until the following renewal date. For instance, if you choose to have a monthly bundle that starts with a trials trial, and that trials trial ends on the 1st of May, that means that your monthly bundle will begin on May 2nd, and that month of subscription will last until June 1st, when your Payment Type will be asked to pay again for the following period of time (in this case, June 2nd to July 1st). It’s possible, at any point, to cancel your GameSpotter Ltd online bundle, and then you won’t be asked to pay for any subsequent renewals until you start your account back up again. To use the above illustration, if you decided to cancel your membership on June 12th, then you would not be charged on July 1st for the following monthly services. But, you would still have access to your monthly services until July 1st.

This would be the same for any day of the month; so even if you canceled as late as June 30th, you would still only have account access until July 1st. If you are seeking to terminate your monthly subscription, then you can call GameSpotter Ltd at +44 20 3300 0149 (Canada and United States), or you can call +1 302 327 4042 if you are an international customer of GameSpotter Ltd. The hours that you can call are 0AM to 12PM . Whenever you look to cancel your account, you will be asked to grant GameSpotter Ltd with the details related to why you have decided to terminate it.

What happens if I cancel a Premium membership?
If you cancel your Premium membership, you may keep your 24kGame account as a free Regular member. There are no monthly fees for a Regular membership.

Ahmet Erdem

Ahmet Erdem

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