How do I deactivate or delete my account?

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You can delete your profile / account from this link.

Please note that deleted accounts cannot be restored, and that all messages sent to and from deleted accounts also will be deleted.

our support is limited and we do not guarantee a reply.
Please note the following before you decide to contact us:

  1. Average response time is currently 5-7 days.
  2. We will not reply if your question is already answered in the site.
  3. If you wish to report a member, you have to do it as described in Q1 on this page.
  4. We are unable to help you with any technical problems you might have.
  5. We will not reply to rude messages.
  6. We will only reply to important messages.

If you still wish to contact us, please fill in the “Contact us” form in this link.

Ahmet Erdem

Ahmet Erdem

Hi.Many companies use dark pattern techniques to make it difficult to find how to delete your account. aims to be a directory of urls to enable you to easily delete your account from web services.


  1. Hi Admin! Good day, I just want to know..I already delete my account cos I thought I found the one but we’re not find good to each other. Anyways, I tried manytimes to create a new account but why all was activated. “This account is automatically deleted” why is this happen??

    What would I do to make an account again?
    Thank you.

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