How do I close my Stripe Account?

if you want to close your account with Stripe you can always do that by going to the data tab in your account settings and selecting “Close my account…”

Remember that closing your account won’t prevent scheduled transfers from happening (e.g., if you closed your account today, a payment you accepted yesterday would transfer to your bank account as normally scheduled), but you will not be able to retrieve any information about your account going forward. You will also still be responsible for any refunds that are issued, or disputes that arise. Due to this, we would normally suggest simply leaving your account dormant rather than closing it, as this makes it easier for you to be responsive when these situations occur.

stripedelOnce an account is closed it cannot be undone. You can, however, export the data in your account to a CSV file before you close it.

Ahmet Erdem

Ahmet Erdem

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