How do I cancel my order?

If you want to cancel an order before we have despatched it just follow these easy steps:

  1. Login into your account
  2. Click on ‘My Orders’ on the left hand side menu
  3. Select the order you wish to cancel
  4. Click the ‘Cancel This Order’ button

Please note that we pride ourselves on our quick turnaround time, this does mean there is only a small window to cancel your order. If you notice a mistake please cancel the order from within your account as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Wiggle_ltd_logoIf the ‘Cancel This Order‘ button is not visible when you view the order in your account this does mean that we are unable to cancel the order as it has entered our processing system and/or been dispatched.

Although we will try our best to assist you we cannot guarantee we will be able to cancel your order in time.

Orders that have already been processed cannot be canceled; they must be returned to Wiggle. For more information about returns, please read our Returns Procedure

Once the order has been canceled you will receive a confirmation email. Orders that have been paid at checkout will be automatically refunded, any other payment methods would not have been charged so would not be due a refund. Unfortunately orders that have been canceled cannot be reactivated, so if you change your mind, please place a new order in the usual way.

Ahmet Erdem

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