How do I cancel my for sale by owner Zillow listing?

If you have posted your home for sale using your free Zillow account and would like to delete your listing, first make sure you are signed in to your Zillow profile.

To get to your listing, click ‘My Zillow’ in the upper right hand corner of any page. You will then see the Listing tab in the blue menu bar. On your Listing page, there will be the option to ‘remove your listing’ in the list of options to the right of your listing address.

You can also cancel the listing from the Public view of your listing. You can switch between the Public and Owner view of your home at the top of your property listing.

Click on the “More” drop-down and select “Cancel listing.”

If the property has sold, you can enter an optional sold price and date. If you are planning to list your home on the MLS, select “No longer for sale.” Be sure to press “Update status” to cancel your listing.

If you have used another website to post your home for sale, please make sure to cancel your listing directly with that website. Once your listing has been cancelled at the source, the service will no longer provide your listing to Zillow. Your home will appear off market when Zillow receives the updated listing status from your listing service

Ahmet Erdem

Ahmet Erdem

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