How do I cancel my membership?


Visit the Membership Options page or contact Customer Support and specify that you’d like to decline any future renewals.

Ahmet Erdem

Ahmet Erdem

Hi.Many companies use dark pattern techniques to make it difficult to find how to delete your account. aims to be a directory of urls to enable you to easily delete your account from web services.


  1. will you please cancel my account with you people now! 1/1/2016. I thought I cancel that account a few days ago. thank-you! I hope…

  2. Several months ago I email to have this acct canceled , I still keep having
    $7.95 deducted each month from my acct . How many times must I ask
    you to stop charging me !

  3. I cancelled my account in January, then again in February, but it came out my bank account in Feb And March. Plrase cancel it as of now.

  4. Cancel my free? 14 trial and any future charge as it will be turned over to the credit card as refusal to pay anything you may charge.
    Beth Willis

  5. I have cancelled my subscription twice. Once in the Fall and the second time in early April. It is still appearing on my statement! Please cancel this for me. This is not a good time for me to work on this!

  6. Please cancel my archives subscription. If I get billed one more time I will turn it over to my credit card account as refusal to pay due to your lack of canceling my account. This is a very dishonest way to treat your customers. You make it so difficult to cancel and when I follow your instructions to cancel I do not receive conformation # please cancel TODAY …MAY13, 2016

  7. Please cancel my subscription. I have never received a pas
    sword. I have never ever been able to use your service. Yet you have charged my America.n Express account $9.99 a month for a couple of years, so I should deserve a reasonable refund
    How can I be sure that you have been able to complete this transaction.
    You cn reach me by email at ‘” (no attachments), or by telephone at 860-642-7020 (no text messages).
    from your unhappy camper – John E. Champe, 111 West Town St., Lebanon, CT 06249’

  8. Cancel my account and never take anymore money out of my account as of now . If not the next time you will hear from my Bank

  9. Please cancel my subscription to the Archives Au Dublin. I don’t think it was me that signed up. I would not give my bank details. regards,F.E.G.

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