How do I cancel Feedly Account?

Any ideas how to get in touch with Feedly to cancel an account?

For deleting your accounts, please use this link:

If you want to cancel your feedly Pro subscription, please sign into your Pro account and go here: and scroll down to see the options on how to contact Pro support and cancel your account.23

If you have suggestions on how to improve feedly, please let us know by submitting an anonymous comment on the feedly postmortem page. Candid feedback helps us improve the product.

Once you erase your account, your profile information, all your subscriptions, saved items and tags will be permanently deleted from the Feedly cloud. If you want to do a backup of your reading feed subscriptions, an OPML archive is available here.

Note: if you have a pro account, you need to first cancel your pro subscription before erasing your account.

Ahmet Erdem

Ahmet Erdem

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