How do I add/delete a Profile section?

By default your profile page shows content related with your friends, destinations, photos you uploaded and tips/questions you posted on WAYN. You can filter content you wish to view using the “Filter” menu on your left.
If you wish to add destinations, tips, photos etc. to your profile you need to add them to your WAYN account first. The easy option to do so is provided at the top of the profile page.

You can also post additional comments and videos using “Create custom box” option.
In order to entirely remove something from your profile, you would need to delete photo/friend/destination/tip/question from your WAYN account.

waynThe only content you can delete from profile alone are the Custom boxes. In order to delete a custom box you need to hover over it and the option will appear on your right.

Ahmet Erdem

Ahmet Erdem

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