How can I cancel my membership?

 To cancel your membership, please sign in and a “Cancel membership” link will apear in this area. If you sign in and no link appears, you’re not currently enrolled as a member.

For more details, keep reading or watch the video.

Please note, the MEMBERSHIP PLAN IS NOT REQUIRED. It is OPTIONAL and you can ask a question or accept an answer without being enrolled or charged for a membership.

Your JustAnswer account will remain active even after you cancel your membership. Once your membership is cancelled, you will not receive recurring charges and will only be charged when you post a new question.

answerStill see charges on your account? If you did not enroll in a membership but noticed charges on your account, it is likely that the charges are associated to a question you posted. Please note that JustAnswer is not free and you are required to pay to post a question. To review your payment information and recent questions, visit the Order History page.

PayPal users: If you signed up for a JustAnswer membership through PayPal, you must cancel the automatic billing cycle that PayPal has tied to your JustAnswer membership. Click here to learn how to turn off your membership in PayPal.

Ahmet Erdem

Ahmet Erdem

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