HipChat Deleting a Page

By default, when you delete a page in Confluence, this will delete all versions of the page. To do that, you need the ‘Delete Pages’ permission. See Space permissions. If someone has applied page restrictions to the page, the restrictions may prevent you from deleting the page too.

If you want to delete a specific version of a page, you need to be a space administrator.

Deleting all versions of a page

To delete a page:

Go to the page and choose Tools > Delete. Confirm the action as prompted.
Note: The ‘Delete’ option will only appear if you have permission to delete this page.

Deleting a specific version of a page

To delete just one version of a page:

  1. Go to the page and choose Tools > Page History.

  2. Choose Delete next to the version you want to delete, and confirm the action as prompted.

Deleting a page and all its children

If the page you are deleting has any child pages, the child pages will move to the root of the space. The child pages will not be deleted, but they will lose the parent-child relationship with the deleted page.

Hint: If you need to remove a parent page and a large number of child pages:

  • Create a temporary new space.
  • Move the parent page to the new space. The child pages will move too.
  • Remove the space.


  • When you delete a page, Confluence moves it to the trash. Space administrators can recover pages from the trash. For important notes about what happens when you restore deleted pages, see Restoring a Deleted Page.
  • Purge the trash to delete the page permanently.
  • When you delete a version of a page, the version is not stored in the trash. The deletion of a version is therefore permanent and cannot be undone.
  • Attachments attached to a deleted page will remain in the database (allowing potential retrieval) until the trash ispurged. When the trash is purged, all attachments on that page are pemanently removed.
  • When you delete a version of a page, the version numbers of the later versions will change accordingly. For example, if a page has four versions and you delete version 2, then version 3 will become version 2 and version 4 will become version 3.
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