Delete Grant Opportunities

After creating a grant opportunity, it will be listed as one of the available opportunities that you may delete within your agency’s Manage Opportunities listing.

How to Delete a Grant Opportunity

  1. Click the Manage Opportunities link in the left navigation menu on Grantor Center page.

  2. Enter the applicable search criteria, then click the Search button to find existing opportunities by your agency.

  3. From the results table, click the Delete link in the Actions column of the opportunity you wish to delete.

Attention: Deleting the grant opportunity will delete the forecast, synopsis, application packages, and all attachments.Grants-Gov-Logo

  1. You will be taken to a confirmation page reminding you that you are about to delete the entire opportunity. Everything that is related to the opportunity will be deleted. You may also choose to send, or not send, a customized notification to subscribed applicants about the deletion of the grant opportunity. If you do want to delete the entire opportunity, click the Delete button and the opportunity will be deleted.

  2. Applicants will no longer be able to find the opportunity on the website, nor will they be able to submit an application for this opportunity.

Note: If you just need to delete a portion of an opportunity, refer to the Manage Opportunity help article.

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