Deleting channel

To remove an unneeded channel and its history, an Owner or Admin on your team can delete the channel. Deleting a channel removes it and all of its contents from your team’s archives.

Warning: Slack is unable to restore deleted channels. Proceed with care.

Note: Private channels and the #general channel cannot be deleted. You can archive channels, include private channels, if you’d prefer.

To delete a channel:

  1. Open the channel you wish to delete.
  2. Click the channel name to open the Channel Menu.
  3. Select View message archives.
  4. On the archive page, click the red Delete channel link.
  5. Check the box next to Yes, I am absolutely sure and click Delete it.

If the channel you wish to delete is archived, you can locate it on the Archived Channelspage.

Files will not be deleted

Deleting a channel will not delete the files that were shared into the deleted channel, nor will it change the visibility of those files. The entire team will still be able to see, access, and re-share files from deleted channels.

Owners and Admins can delete files from the Files page at

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