Deleting a Photo from Your Shutterfly Photo Book

To remove a photo from your photo book, put your cursor on the photo you want to delete and click the blue X that appears in its upper right corner. The blank photo space remains in the page layout when you delete a photo. Click the blue X in its upper right corner to delete it. Note: This automatically changes the page layout.

Note: The blue X may sometimes be hidden by other items on the page, or may be off the page. In the cases, you can go to Customize mode to remove the picture.

Deleting a photo from a photo book page only removes it from the book; it’s still available in the picture strip for you to use. You can also click and drag a photo off a page and back to the picture strip.

While in Customize mode, you can drag any item off the photo book page and release it to remove it from your photo book. Note: The blue X does not appear over photos while in Customize mode.

You can also start a project over. Select Start Over from the Book drop-down menu to remove all photos from your photo book, but keeps them in your picture strip so that you can start adding them back to the photo book pages immediately. Note: Starting over will also remove all text and stickers from pages and reset all backgrounds to the original ones.

Removing Pictures Completely

Delete a photo in the photo strip to remove it completely from the project. Place your cursor over the picture in the strip that you want to delete and click the ‘X’ that appears. You must re-add it to your photo book project in order to use it.

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