Change or cancel your vacation package

 How it works
  • To change or cancel your entire package booking or just a segment of it, contact us.
  • We do not charge change / cancel fees, but the hotel, car rental company, activity provider, or airline may charge penalty fees that we must pass on to you.
  • If you booked within the last 24 hours, you might be able to change your hotel booking without penalty or cancel for a full refund. You could incur additional charges, however, if you change or cancel your booking too close to your check-in date.
  • Rebooked flights must be for the same traveler and on the same airline as the original booking.
  • For refund information, read Refund timelines.
  • If you purchased the Expedia Package Protection Plan or Vacation Waiver, you have coverage for certain types of changes and cancellations. Check your plan or waiver for details.

Possible additional charges

  • Airline change fee, ranging from USD150 (domestic) to USD300 (international)
  • Difference in airfare, if the cost of your new flight exceeds your flight credit
  • Increase in hotel costs, if the cost of your new booking exceeds your hotel credit
  • Hotel cancellation penalty, ranging from 1 night’s stay to the full cost of your booking

Change costs example

Today’s flight cost


Minus flight credit


Difference in airfare


Airline change fee


Increase in hotel costs


Total cost to change booking


The total cost of your change will depend on your airfare, your ticket details, and any penalties or fees that may apply. Review any airline and hotel change fees in your package rules and regulations, then compare today’s prices to determine the overall cost increase

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