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You can manage your Meetup account details from the desktop site or our mobile apps.  Please note that not all settings can be updated from every platform at this time.

In order to manage your email address, password, and other account settings, you’ll need to view your account page in the mobile site or on the full site using your desktop. Through the app you’ll see a link to ‘Visit Account Settings,’ which will allow you to manage those settings through your phone’s browser.

From the desktop site:
Once you’re logged into Meetup, click on your profile menu in the upper right-hand corner of your screen, and click ‘Settings‘ to head to your settings page


If you’re a member, you’ll see five main tabs under the Settings page:

General: here you’ll find the nuts and bolts of your Meetup account such as your name and location. The Facebook settings here allow you to link your Meetup and Facebook accounts, for sharing Meetups or seeing your connections on the Meetup site.
Email and Notifications: head here for a full list of all the Meetup Groups you belong to, your Email Settings, your Message Board Subscriptions, and the link to unsubscribefrom Meetup.
Social Media: here you will be able to link your Meetup account to Facebook, and also add Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn and Tumblr information.
Payments Made: you’ll find a list of any membership dues payments or Meetup feesyou’ve made here.
Connected Apps: this is where you can enable connected, third-party applications to act on your behalf.
If you’re an Organizer, you’ll see a couple of additional sections, including Organizer Dues and Payments Received.
If you had a ‘What’s happening?’ feed, you’ll find it under ‘My Feed’

Ahmet Erdem

Ahmet Erdem

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