Can I delete my WeTransfer upload?

You can’t delete a transfer yourself if you’ve used the free service. However, our Happiness Troupe is happy to assist with deleting a transfer as an exception for you. There’s just a few guidelines we have to follow:

  • You have to be the sender of the transfer.
  • You must send us a request from the email address you used to make the transfer.
  • We can only help if you’ve used an email transfer, so make sure you still have the upload confirmation we sent you and add it to your request if you could.

Do above guidelines apply? Then just send us a ticket.

WeTransfer Logo
WeTransfer Logo

If you’re a Plus user, make sure you log in before starting an upload. That way, you can always look up a transfer in your transfer overview and delete it yourself!

Ahmet Erdem

Ahmet Erdem

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