Can I delete messages on Viber? (Desktop)

You asked, we answered! In the update to Viber for Desktop version 5.9 we have added the ability to entirely delete messages that you have sent from Viber conversations.

This means that you may now delete a message via your desktop application that you have sent from not only your device, but also from the device of the user(s) you have sent the message to.

How to delete messages?

  1. Right-Click on the message you want to delete
  2. Choose to either Delete for myself or Delete for everyone*
  1. After you select the Delete for everyone option, choose Yes to delete the message for all participants
  1. An in-app notification bubble will be displayed showing you deleted a message

*The option to delete a message on both your device and the device of the other user(s) in the chat, is only available for messages you have sent. This option is notavailable for messages that someone else has sent to you.

What happens if a user is running an older version of Viber?

If you delete a message you have sent in a conversation with a user who does not have:

  • Viber version 5.6.5 or later on Android or iOS
  • OR Viber for Desktop version 5.9 or later

than this user will not see the in-app notification bubble that you deleted a message. The deleted message will simply delete from their conversation screen.
Will there be an in-app notification bubble if I choose the “Delete for Myself” Option?

No, there will not be an in-app notification bubble if you choose the Delete for myselfoption. Choosing this option only deletes the message from your devices, not from the device of the receiving user(s).

Please note there is no option to delete a message that another Viber user has sent you on their device. You may only choose to delete the message sent to you from your device.

Ahmet Erdem

Ahmet Erdem

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