Can I cancel a purchase order?

Buyers can cancel their purchase order if it is still a draft, or if they have sent it to a seller but it hasn’t been approved yet.

Only sellers may cancel a purchase order after it is approved.

If a buyer would like to request cancellation post-approval, the buyer should ask the seller viaEtsy Conversations.

Sellers agree to complete valid purchase orders, but occasionally a seller may need to cancel.

As a seller, if you’re unable to complete a purchase order, you must notify the buyer via Etsy Conversations and cancel the purchase order as soon as possible. If the buyer already submitted payment, you must issue a full refund.

To cancel a purchase order:

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1) Go to Wholesale > Orders.

2) Find and open the purchase order you need to cancel, then click Cancel Order.


3) Fill out the form to request cancellation. If the buyer has submitted payment, you will be prompted to issue a refund.


Etsy will email a notice to both you and the buyer.

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